Welcome to my website about horses.  I hope you like horses as much as i do.

This website is supposed to be a tribute to the horse. On it i will write about the contribution that horses has made to men as well as all about different famous horses.

Historical Importance

horsesThe historical importance of the horse can not be denied. Many of us keep horse for leisure but the horse still serve a lot of important practical functions around the world.  They help people herd animals, traverse rough landscape and more.  The horse server an even more important function in poor countries where they still do many tasks that have been automated in the industrial world.

It could be argue that the horse has been the most important animal in the development of our society.  But other might argue that the dog or the cow has been more important.  The dog helped keep us save and helped us hunt more effectively.  Important task that helped us survive.  The dog was especially important during our early development.  The cow have played a very important role both as a source of subsistence and as a beast of burden. Oxen are more important work animals then the horse is in certain parts of the world.

Other animals that have lived with us for a long time include the cat,  different types of birds and tropical fish, mainly the goldfish. Of these only the cat played an important role as it helped keep pests away.  Something that kept away disease and also have had a very large role in our development.

But i am not here to argue which animal have played the largest role in human development.  I am here to highlight the importance of horses.

Important usage

Below we are going to look at some of the purposes that horses have played in society.

Horses in sport

horse ridingHorse racing and other types of horse sports are very popular. Betting on horse races is a very large industry and a large part of the gambling industry. This is especially true online where online casinos offer betting on horse races. This allows anyone to bet on horses regardless of where they are.

Horse sports is a lot of fun but remains one of the least important jobs that horses do.

Working horses

Horses do a lot of jobs in our society. They help police patrol larger area and allow different profession to move around in the nature without disturbing the ground or scaring the animals.  This makes it easier to patrol game reserves and monitor animal populations.  Horses all plays a large role in cattle hearding.

There are an expected 100 million horses working around the world.


Horse play a large role in the leisure and entertainment industry where they are used to bring tourist on tours around cities and out into the country side.   There are also a lot of tourist destination that use horses to try to recreate historical eras.


Many people feel that they feel better when they spend time with horses and horses are therefore used for different types of therapeutic treatments.


Horses have played a very important role in war fare. Their use today is limited but they where important part of warfare as late as during the two world wars.  Earlier in history the horse gave their owner a huge advantage and the army that had more horses had a high chance of winning the battle.  Horses were the equivalent of modern day tanks.